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What types of IDs do you accept?



  • Phillip Rhoy Albores

    I try the National ID but still it doesn't proceed to create my account.

  • Ivan Kyser

    Yep, same dilemma with @Philipp. I even tried my UMID but to no avail. It just says to reupload. :/

  • Jhomalyn

    Tried to upload my UMID but getting an error message 😑😔  “Unfortunately, our partners have determined you cannot create an account on Parallax at this time. You can reach our support at

  • Jaelen Josh Sta Maria

    I used my Driver's License and got the same message as above, not knowing when I can resubmit a request. Hoping the support would respond to this.

  • Joanna

    I tried uploading my National ID but everytime I did that, message pop "ERROR".

  • Catherine Rocafort

    I tried all possible angle to upload my passport but it always says it's error. don't know what to do anymore!


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